Security minded developer available for hire.


I am an open source developer pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer security.
This leads to more secure code written on the first iteration.


Recent blog posts

Secure NGINX Webserver

DISCLAIMER This post is not exhaustive and focuses on providing you with the terminology necessary to learn more. You will still need to configure these to suit your web server specifically. Before you begin This post is specific to Nginx, but many of the principles can be applied to apache or other popular web servers with a few tweaks to the configuration statements. To compare your security settings before and after, Mozilla will scan your website and give you a grade for your level o...

Brickhack 4 IoT Winner

The original submission and nitty gritty details can be found on Devpost here. I worked with Zack Banack in a 24 hour sleepless hackathon over the weekend. You can see all of his wonderful front end skills at The whole project was made in 24 hours, so many design decisions were based on functionality instead of security. It’s not like IoT devices are known for their security anyways. You can see a quick demo of the project here. This was the final product presented to the j...