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I am an open source developer pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer security.
This leads to more secure code written on the first iteration.


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Introduction Dozenal/Duodecimal is a number system with base 12, as opposed to the conventional base 10 system called the decimal system. Most humans have 10 fingers, which makes the decimal system appealing to people that still use their fingers to count; however, those of us that have reached 12 years old probably had to abandon this technique for a mental math and even written approach to solving equations. The dozenal system tries to improve on the mental math that everyone does. Because ...

Black Box Web Application Audit

DISCLAIMER This is not the domain available on the internet. This was an assignment for CSEC 731: Web Server Application Security Audits. Not all of the information in the final report was included in this version to protect the integrity of the assignment in case the environment is used in future classes.

CWE Base Score Calculation

CWE stands for common weaknesses enumeration. It is used as a tool to standardize the degree of weakness that a vulnerability in an environment poses. Compared to CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), CWEs are normally related to how an instance of the program is configured, rather than vulnerabilites with the underlying program itself. The score of each CWE is calculated by the CVSS: Common Vulnerability Scoring System.